Loping along with attitude.

I think we should all take five minutes out of our day and behave like the deer on the right.

Running with attitude wm DSC_7117

We should leap into a moment,


kick up our heels, and enjoy…being, just being.

The hippity hop deer and herd wm DSC_7120

Here’s hoping you take your five minutes…I stretch it out to 30 minutes, but, that’s just me.

I don’t need anything from you, maybe.

Am I cute 3

My given name’s Sophia,

And I wouldn’t wanna be ‘ya

Cause I’m happy as a clam

Just being who I am.

I’ve got a cozy little burrow

And a friend who’s NOT a squirrel.

So there’s nothing that I need

Well…perhaps some fruit and seed

And on reflection I say, “know what?”

I would accept a donut.