Well, it’s finally happened. I will go down in history as the first person to have discovered a group of squirrels living in housing that resembles, in almost every way, the housing that we humans reside in. You can imagine the state of shock that I’m in!

I was combing the woods for something new to photograph when I came upon a massive tree. I circled the tree, admiring it’s beautiful bark, when to my amazement I came face to face with what appeared to be the front of a house built into it. And then the most wonderful thing happened, little squirrels scurried out of the house to say hello!

I’m sorry, but I can tell you no more at the moment. I’m overcome with emotion, but rest assured, I have more to share with you.

Just passing through.

Last month this confident guy passed through the back of our property. He set a slow but steady pace and took his time getting to the break in the fence that the turkeys use as well as the deer to get to the property next door. I would love to put a trail camera in that location, but the last one I had worked one time and pfft….that was it.