Super Squirrel

WM Super Squirrel

In my official capacity as a judge of squirrel jumping, I’ve seen many jumps and I would give this leap very high marks. I would like to see the front legs a little straighter, but other judges consider this acceptable so I’ll let it slide. 

I did want to address the minor violation…accessories are not allowed in jumping contests and the peanut falls into that category. However… this was such an audacious bit of flair that I added a point.

Well………………I finally did it.

I thought I’d share a little news with you. Today I finally uploaded images of my stiletto creations onto a site I created for selling my books and the stilettos… . I don’t care if I never sell a thing…I’m just happy to have followed through on a project. At some point the reality will sink in that it’s finally done. 

I posted this image on the other blog, but it won’t hurt to do it one more time. 

My happy dance.

Dancing Doxie

Jack and Jake

4778 Jack and Jake (1 of 1)

Some of you will remember the horses that I used to walk through the fields with, camera in hand. I ended up writing “Being Bob” as a result. 

These two fellows are Jack and Jake, brothers, and they were very willing to be photographed most of the time. They didn’t mind me being around, but they also weren’t interested in me in the least. It was a otally different story if I had apples with me.


It feels like a butterfly day.

WM Yellow and PurpleLooking through my images I found this butterfly from last summer.

I can’t wait to get back home and start putting my little garden back together. Of course I can’t plant anything much until next spring, but I can wait. I’ll have the birds all winter and that will be heaven.

King Mozzie

Mozz the King WM

This is Mozzie, he’s a standard poodle and a happy, happy dog with boundless energy. He belongs to my daughter and he’s devoted to his “mom”.

The robe you see on Mozz is actually his favorite blanket and he’s happy to wear it around the house, using his teeth to pull it back up on his shoulders if it starts to slip down.

Seeing that he loved his royal “robe”, I felt like I needed to contribute a crown for this King of our hearts.

This robe is only one of about four blankets he piles on top of his dog bed in a specific location in her living room. He is a blanket hoarder. You can never leave a blanket unattended, because if you do it becomes the property of Mozzie and he gets upset if your try to reclaim your item.

So now you’ve met a member of my extended family!