The Houdini of the bird world


This tufted titmouse is adorable isn’t it? It has an incredible talent. One minute it is surveying the human watching it from a window, and the next it freaks out the human.


This bird would be so popular in Las Vegas, it could even have it’s own magic show. The audience would go wild when the bird made it’s own head disappear! I may hire this bird to see if it could make some of my thigh area disappear.




There is just no excuse for this raccoon’s rudeness. I don’t always have the feeders full…in fact, most of the time they’re not full. If I filled them all the way, these little stinkers would just eat four dollars worth of birdseed in one meal!



This eastern Monarch visitor will soon be leaving, migrating to Mexico for the winter. I’m amazed that it flies so well with that notch missing from it’s right wing.


I wonder if they prefer flittering around on their own during the summer here, or roosting on Oyamel Fir Trees with tens of thousands of other monarchs (that’s in ONE tree) when they get to Mexico.


I’m going to plant some milkweed plants this fall because monarch butterflies need milkweed to lay their eggs and their caterpillars only eat milkweed plants. I’ll miss these delicate winged creatures and the sight of their graceful flight. 


4212 Buck Aug 2016 (39 of 1)

I looked out my window into the woods, and what did I see? A beautiful majestic buck.

I watched for just a few minutes, and then the buck was joined by this adorable fawn.



Where there is a fawn, there must be a mama, right?


At first I thought I saw the mama in the woods, but it was another fawn, a bigger fawn!


I continued to watch and suddenly mama showed up. At first she had her ears back, not always a good sign.


After a minute her ears popped up a bit, so I assumed everything was fine.

4220 Buck and Doe Aug 2016 (39 of 1)

The mama went straight over to the buck and seemed to deliver a message.


I’m thinking that the doe warned the buck to stay away from her babies and he seemed to be complying with her request.

Apparently he wasn’t responding as quickly as she wanted and she encouraged him to move more quickly.

A little nip (39 of 1)




As soon as the buck faded into the woods, the two fawns emerged and hurried to catch up with their mama. 

4461 leaving (39 of 1)

The moral of the story…don’t mess with a mama. (But you knew that already, didn’t you?)



3888 2 went to a nice luncheon (39 of 1)

So today I went to a very nice luncheon. The food was delicious and the people there were very nice. 

When I got home, I received notification that my manuscript had gone through it’s first  round of copyediting and it was time for me to do my bit…reviewing the changes and approving them or rejecting them.

I prepared myself to tackle the challenge and then I went for it!

3896 Psyched myself up (39 of 1)

Let me tell you it was an intense afternoon, I wrestled with the darn thing and strained my brain.

3864 I'll discuss it with the copyeditor (39 of 1)


3863 Attacked it with gusto (39 of 1)


3904 wrestling some more (39 of 1)

That was just the figuring out the directions part!

Tomorrow, round two, I call to see if I’ve done my bit correctly. I expect there will be some more challenges to tackle. I’m ready! (I have chocolate.)

3890 tomorrow round two (39 of 1)