Turkey Lurking

3458 Turkey (39 of 1)

I noticed this turkey standing, or lurking, at the back of the yard the other morning. It remained in this spot for at least fifteen minutes. It didn’t even take a few steps one way or the other. Most of the wildlife I see, don’t remain in the same spot for extended periods of time. I wondered if there might be babies nearby. I’ve never seen any before, but this bird seemed like it was “on guard”.

3660 The Turkey Family WM (39 of 1)

Today was the big reveal. I glanced out the window and there they were, an entire turkey family! I was really excited to see them and to have proof that the turkey was lurking for a reason.

On and Off, On and Off.

I’ve been traveling to Florida quite a bit, not so much to vacation, but to do book signings. As a result, my blogging has, as you may have noticed, become very minimal. We’re also beginning the process of planning a smaller home, built right here ,with the woods, animals and birds. 

Lots of changes, and procrastination. Hopefully I won’t continue to blog so sporadically, thanks for hanging in there with me!