Classic Lines.

I have to admit, I love classic cars. There’s a wonderful place called the Auburn/Cord/Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana and the cars on display will take your breath away.Corvette no WM


The car below is a Boattail…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this style!2 Done no WM 1455


Another Boattail…Such a beauty!Forever Done 1513







Works of Art…each and every one.





The window cometh.

Once again, although not finished, I have a window into the woods!  I think I mentioned that we tore down our old house and are in the process of building a new, smaller one on the same property. How could we leave our woods??  It’s taken just short of a year to get here…permits, permits, permits. So, here’s a little peek, at long last, of the progress so far.


I couldn’t be present when our home was demolished, I wasn’t sure how I’d react…this was a little hard to take when I saw it, but…new adventures ahead.

Bare earth, ready for new house


Part of a house…an actual HOUSE!!

We have a floor!


Last but not least…

MY NEW WINDOW(S) INTO THE WOODS!!  Top floor, two closest windows, are my windows. Sooooooooooooooo excited!

new studio window

I’m at it again.

The writing begins

I’ve dragged myself away from the shoe design that’s become somewhat of an obsession and today I opened up my box of notes for book #2.  It’s odd how the mood to write can disappear in a hurry and stay missing for such a long time.

Tomorrow…I start reading my notes and settling on one of three versions of the first chapter. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wish me luck.

Umbrella Street

Umbrella street WM


Many days of our week in Zurich it was sprinkling ,but it didn’t stop us. It’s funny how weather that would keep me inside when I’m home doesn’t even faze me on a vacation.

This is Altstadt in the Swiss city of Zürich. It encompasses the area of the entire historical city before 1893. Day or night, rain or shine we found new places to explore in this magical place.

Florida Squirrels

I spent almost three weeks in Florida recently and obviously, I spent part of that time hoping to run into a squirrel. I decided to take a drive/walk one afternoon to see if the eagles had returned to their previous nest and just as I entered the nature area, I spotted a squirrel!

Curious squirrel 1

I went into full squirrel spotter stealth mode…slowly, slowly I approached the unsuspecting squirrel by way of the boardwalk…I crouched down to make myself appear smaller….I was almost on the ground by the time I was close enough for a decent shot.

Reaching my most advantageous location, I settled in and got comfortable. I was surprised to realize that all of my caution may have been for naught. Herds of bicyclists pedaled happily past, except for those who would stop to try to pick me up off the ground.Reassuring them that I didn’t need water, a granola bar, a bandaid or the name of a good psychiatrist took up a fair amount of time but the squirrel hadn’t budged an inch when I was finally able to put my camera back up to my eye.

Imagine my surprise when a SECOND squirrel made an appearance! Firing away with my camera I soon had enough images to last a lifetime. Bidding the squirrels a fond farewell, I made my way back to my car, brushed the leaves and sand off of myself and sped off into the four o’clock sun. 

Peeking out

two squirrels