My birds eye view.

Soooooo, like many of you, we had a storm system pass though last night. From my current/temporary location I had a BIG view of the nasty storm moving into our area. As usual, I had to grab a camera. There was a ballgame going on right behind our building and let me tell you, people were running for their cars.

View to the West…

storm 3 DSC01827

View to the East.

Storm system 2 DSC01831


Ten minutes later, view to the West…

storm 4 not real sharp DSC01839


View to the East.

Storm system DSC01840



And there were windows…

Can you believe it, we have walls and an opening for a front door…AND WINDOWS!!

The windows on the right are the studio windows…this image is misleading, it’s not  a huge room, but the windows ARE big and there’s an opening for a door. I’ll be able to go right out the door to put out birdseed on a little patio.

I went out last week and spent a little while just leaning out the “window”, which is actually sitting on the floor on the left side of the second image. What did I see while I leaned out the window?…a turkey. 

I will not think about when the house might be done.

I will not think about when the house might be done.

I will not think about when the house might be done.


Classic Lines.

I have to admit, I love classic cars. There’s a wonderful place called the Auburn/Cord/Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana and the cars on display will take your breath away.Corvette no WM


The car below is a Boattail…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this style!2 Done no WM 1455


Another Boattail…Such a beauty!Forever Done 1513







Works of Art…each and every one.





The window cometh.

Once again, although not finished, I have a window into the woods!  I think I mentioned that we tore down our old house and are in the process of building a new, smaller one on the same property. How could we leave our woods??  It’s taken just short of a year to get here…permits, permits, permits. So, here’s a little peek, at long last, of the progress so far.


I couldn’t be present when our home was demolished, I wasn’t sure how I’d react…this was a little hard to take when I saw it, but…new adventures ahead.

Bare earth, ready for new house


Part of a house…an actual HOUSE!!

We have a floor!


Last but not least…

MY NEW WINDOW(S) INTO THE WOODS!!  Top floor, two closest windows, are my windows. Sooooooooooooooo excited!

new studio window