Three weeks without the internet.

replacement incredible sunset for blog (39 of 1)

So what happens when a mouse, or mice possibly chew on the phone lines? You lose your internet. What happens when the phone lines that the mouse, or mice dined on is in a wall that you can’t access? Don’t ask.

Part of the time I waited a week for the repairman to come. He came, said “I can’t fix it and he left”.

I had to leave for Florida, so the next repair attempt would have to wait.

On the plus side, I still had a working camera.



On a boat ride in Florida, this friendly “beggar” followed us for a short while.

Too many people feed it treats from their boats and just like me being offered chocolate from a complete stranger, the dolphin flirted and “smiled” until it was obvious that we had no fish on board and even if we did we weren’t going to share.