And now we take a break from our regularly scheduled blogging, for some shameless self-promotion.

Do you see something black, red and yellow in the lower right hand corner of this image?

EEEEEYOWZA! There’s my little book in an actual storefront window!!! How crazy is that???

Okay, I’ll behave and get back to our regular programming…just had to share with all of you. (I’m very excited.)



One nice sunny day, we took our little boat out for a ride on the Intracoastal in Florida. We needed gas, so we pulled in at a marina and were told by the nice man working there, that their credit card machine wasn’t working and they could only take cash. Luckily, I had thirteen dollars.

We’d been admiring this beautiful yacht since we’d pulled in and I asked, “What does someone with a boat like that, do in a situation like this?” The answer came accompanied by raised eyebrows and a whisper…”They pay in cash.”

My next impertinent question, “How much does it take to fill up a boat like that?”

Stunning answer…”Five to ten thousand dollars.”

I hoped the owner of the yacht had money left over to buy a burger for lunch. Somehow I think they did.



Who You Gonna Call?


Trudging back from a fruitless shark tooth hunting expedition, I came upon this van. The blacked out windows made me wonder if the driver wanted to keep their identity a secret.

I continued to wonder, why the need to black out the windows? Was the reality that ghosts  were driving the van around town and they blacked out the windows so that no one could see them? On second thought, that theory doesn’t work, does it? 

A ghost would be invisible, or at least just a tad shadowy so most of us wouldn’t see them through the dark window. So okay, it makes sense again…they have the windows blacked out so that we would THINK there were actual humans driving and riding in the van. That way, no one would call the police to report a van flying down Hwy. 41 with no driver at the wheel.

It’s all clear to me now.

I Love A Fur Coat, But It Depends On Who’s Wearing It.


Tossed a glance out the window one morning


And what did my wondering eyes see? Certainly not Santa Claus.


A young bobcat, perhaps only twenty ? Thirty?,feet from our door. It played with a flying grasshopper for a moment and then jumped into some bushes at the base of a palm tree.