The mystery cook.

Some of you know that I’m temporarily living in an apartment. (They put insulation in the new house today….YAY!) I don’t really mind apartment living at all. There’s only ONE thing that is driving me a little crazy.

Somewhere in our end of the hallway, there lives a GREAT cook! Some days, I go about my business, eat dinner and am quite content.

Other days, I open the door to the hallway and someone is cooking…cooking a heavenly dish. The smells are fantastic and I get hunger pangs. I must find this person and beg for  their recipes, but who is the cook? I can’t pinpoint the apartment.

suite 300

I don’t think it’s this apartment, but I don’t know…young man, single I think…doesn’t strike me as the cooking type.

mystery smells

I don’t know who lives in this suite…the smells could be coming from in there. I may have to lay on the floor and put my nose up to the crack under the door.

The hallway

So many doors to sniff under. But if I find the cook, it will be SO worth it!


YOWZA, what a sky!

2428629B-8BE8-4B6D-808C-A34FF0527171A beautiful Florida day decided to get moody late in the afternoon, the clouds marched in.

Right on cue, they spread out and filled the sky.8F870B3D-5AB8-4119-A185-142A296C1689Rain poured down, and all indications were that it was going to be a “no sunset evening.”

I’m glad I didn’t give up on a sundown show…the clouds couldn’t hold it back and it blasted a beacon of beauty.DBBA1941-E0CB-47DB-9723-04B625CD1958