Bob nothing but the wind WM (39 of 1)

A lot of you will remember Bob the horse. He’s the horse that I wrote my book about, along with the rest of his herd.

I have an update for you. Bob and the herd have found new homes. Melvin the farmer who owned them had a quintuple bypass last year and last month, he was no longer able to get out to the barn and care for them. His legs aren’t real strong, but he can still get to his golf cart and enjoy the wind in the trees. 

Two of the horses have been sold and moved to a big ranch in Colorado, some of the others have moved west but not as far as Colorado.

Now for Bob…he is temporarily living with a family that used to be Amish and there is a young man who LOVES horses who is caring for Bob. Bob had a damaged hoof as a result of some icy ground this winter and this fellow has helped Bob to heal.

I may go visit Bob at his temporary home and I’ve been trying to find out how much Bob would cost and if I could buy him.

I’m so proud of Bob because this young man has found that Bob can still pull a wagon and do it well. He does it so well that he is now being hitched up with the young horses that need training and he is their teacher!

If I go to see Bob, I’ll take some pictures if they’ll let me and share them with you.



Well, we got to spend early evening on edge. I don’t live in this city, but we were under a tornado warning at least twice and I spent time sitting at the top of the basement stairs with Oliver in his cat carrier and Max wearing his collar and leash, ready to dash at a moments notice.

In this video, at approximately the thirty-six second mark, you see the inside of a restaurant and then the Starbucks next door to the restaurant is flattened. My family and I ate lunch in one of the seats of that restaurant when my nephew worked there a few years ago. They still have family there and I’m hoping that all is well, the city is now under a state of emergency because a second tornado passed through again later in the evening. 


bad copy cover

The image above is not a very lovely one, it’s a very rough example of the front and back covers of my first murder mystery! A little more proofing and at long last my “baby” will be born. I’ve been neglecting my camera lately in order to wrap up the final requirements for the book and it will be good to be back behind the lens. (Yes, I designed and photographed the shoes on the cover. Who else would create such crazy shoes?”)


4131 Swallowtail  (39 of 1)

4139 Swallowtail_ WM blog ready

I’ve given up on trying to have a large garden. Forgetting to hook up the hose and hauling it all the way around the house to water the poor thirsty plants is a sure way to fail at gardening. Add to that a gardener who doesn’t handle heat well and ends up laying in the grass to rest, well, you have a gardener who needs to find a plan B.

Plan B. I created a little container garden on my back deck, right outside my window into the woods.I planted bushes and flowers that butterflies would enjoy and that was also a very short distance from the water spigot.I now get to enjoy my garden and pretty things with wings!


3586 I want up there SO bad! (39 of 1)

I admit it…I eavesdropped on another animal conversation, or perhaps I just imagined it. So I’ll translate what was “said”, or use my mind reading abilities as best I can.

In this first photo, I just missed capturing a picture of the little guys lips moving. Let’s begin reviewing the conversation..

“What’s up there? What is it? I smell peanuts, I’m sure of it…HEY! Don’t pretend you can’t see me down here.”

3522 I bet I could climb up this (39 of 1)

“Well that just does it. I’m coming up, I’m going to find a way up there and then we’ll just see what you’re hogging for yourself.”

3548 Want some help shorty? (39 of 1)

The bigger raccoon finally had something to say.

“Don’t you come up here, there’s nothing up here. I’m just tidying up this bowl thingy, it looked dirty.”

3526 Well look at you, trying to climb up here like a big boy (39 of 1)

“Well, if it’s just dirty, why do I smell peanuts on your breath?”

3549 You can do it! Grab my paw. (39 of 1)

Big raccoon started to get aggravated. “I smell like peanuts because I just ate a peanut flavored breath mint. Now get back down there!”

3528 Oooh, I'm slipping! (39 of 1)

The little raccoon begged to differ. “I just saw peanut shells stuck to your nose, I AM coming up!” As you can see, the big bandit was trying to impede his progress.

3536 Now be careful, you push me out! (39 of 1)

A little snarling was followed by ungraciousness. “You only think you made it up here, anything can happen.”

3540 Watch out for that first step (39 of 1)

Two seconds later, the big raccoon spoke right to me.  “I did NOT push him off, he slipped.”

I didn’t buy this version of events, right after making such a ludicrous statement, the big raccoon smiled at me and stuck a peanut in it’s mouth.