Just passing through.

Last month this confident guy passed through the back of our property. He set a slow but steady pace and took his time getting to the break in the fence that the turkeys use as well as the deer to get to the property next door. I would love to put a trail camera in that location, but the last one I had worked one time and pfft….that was it.

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    1. I’m good…I’ve been writing a LOT and when I haven’t been, I’ve taken time to get balanced, lol. These are crazy times and the ups and downs take a lot out of me. When that stuff happens I need to pull in and find my spark and it’s been harder lately. I’m hoping you’ve been well!

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          1. I think it was Omicron, judging by the symptoms I read about on the Internet. I’ve had three jabs and I don’t think they work, so I’m done with jabbing unless there is a really good reason to get another one. So far, I can’t imagine what it would be.


            1. I’m so relieved to hear that you made it through the whole thing. It lasted a long time! I’ve had three also and I’m starting to have doubts about doing any more. I just wish this was over. Not being able to spend time with my mother who is 89 is frustrating. It’s hard on her to be so isolated, but at least she has a great husband who is very caring and careful of exposure.

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