What’s for lunch?

Here I come mom wm

Somehow I managed to focus and noticed the arrival of a goldfinch…as it turned out the bird on the branch was…the mother and the incoming bird was one of it’s “babies”. 

Soon two more “babies” arrived and one exhibited wing flapping behavior…usually this is a little one begging mom for food.

Flapping for attention wm

Sure enough…mom produced a tasty morsel and popped it into the little mouth.

Use this wm We're all paying attention wm_edited-2

One of the other babies jumped in and asked mom to open wide, hoping for a nibble.

Use this Any more food in there? wm

There’s always someone who isn’t willing to patiently wait, to say the least. I think sitting on mom’s tail feathers is a really pushy move.

Sitting on mom's tail learning how to use a bird feeder wm

So there you have it…a mom teaching her babies where food can be found, while at the same time, continuing to feed them until they can do it for themselves.





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Did you find me in this image? It is I…possibly the cutest bird EVER! I know, I know…there are thousands of fabulous birds on the internet every single day…but they are not ME!

I am a member of a rare and exclusive club…not just any bird can be the cutest bird ever….I don’t mean to be hurtful, but have you ever seen a vulture?…I mean…there’s a bird that’s due for a facial.

Oh! Oh! And I’m sweet! Really, really sweet! I sing the prettiest song and I turn bright yellow in the summertime…I still have a little yellow left on me right now!

If you haven’t found me yet, I’m going to help you…

HERE I AM !!!!

all rights reserved.
all rights reserved.