So this happened. TURKEY TROUBLE!

Things were going so well and then suddenly they weren’t in TurkeyLand,

Every morning the turkeys come marching through the woods and cross our property headed North. Most of the time it’s a peaceful, many times entertaining event.

This morning for some reason things were tense and hopefully one of you turkey experts out there can tell me what was going on. 

The second half of this video makes me think of when giraffes fight with each other, wrapping their necks around each other. If you can help me solve the mystery, please do.

The clarity of this video is terrible, my apologies. I haven’t replaced my tripod yet and holding a heavy camera and long lens is definitely not ideal.


You’ve got some nerve!

I thought I was all alone…but I hear the unmistakeable galumphing of a Velociraptor.DSC_9739 deer in the woods wm


THERE IT IS!DSC_9751 deer and turkey wm


Don’t get me wrong, I might be a little nervous but not enough to stop eating.DSC_9792 chewing leaves and watching a turkey wm


Yep, I’m sticking my tongue out at you, you don’t scare me.DSC_9791 Sticking my tongue out at a turkey wm


Where did you come from?DSC_9803 deer and TWO turkeys wm


What are you doing? You’re getting too close.cropped-dsc_9831-deer-and-two-turkeys-for-header-wm.jpg


Stop stalking me! You’re weird, I’m leaving.DSC_9838 Might be time to leave wm




I gave you last night to cool down, came back to have my breakfast of sweet new greenery and you do THIS to me?  I didn’t bring my buddies with me to intimidate YOU, this is just not fair. DSC_7386 wm So What Are You Guys Up To



A fashion show of sorts. (Don’t worry I know what’s really going on here.)


The fashion house of ‘Mother Nature’, presents the showstopper of the spring collection.

‘Hercules’ is wearing head to toe shades of glorious brown. Blue and red grace the head and neck area, ideal for those who want to stand out in a crowd.Note the iridescent touches everywhere, sure to turn heads at any gathering.

This glorious garb can’t be worn by just anybody. Mother nature is picky about who is worthy and supplies are limited. 

Not available in stores, contact Mother Nature directly at, http://www.MakeMeLookLikeATurkey

(Hercules is new to the game and we think he did a fine job. The same can’t be said for our videographer, Zannyro. The bobbing camera work is inexcusable and she may not be hired again.)



Turkey time!

5111 Turkey Line (39 of 1)

I warned you earlier about seeing more turkey images and today is one of those sightings. These were actually taken a month or more ago. I love the fact that when the turkeys are trooping off to a destination, they form a line and follow the leader.

There ARE exceptions to the rule…say when a deer gets in the way and thinks it’s going to scare the turkey troop off. They may break formation, but all they need is about a foot to detour around the foolish deer. They aren’t fazed a bit by the large four legged creature in their way.

9459 Lighter Deer in the woods with the turkeys WM (39 of 1)

When the troop reaches it’s destination, or it’s just free time, they break ranks and have fun.

8104 Turkey huddle 2 WM