Two many peanuts (1 of 1)


If I just had one more arm and hand I know I could get that last peanut and take it home with me….maybe I should go purse shopping, just get it over with, start a trend in the squirrel kingdom and carry a purse. You know, I think I could get very rich selling squirrel purses! This is an amazing idea! I wonder if Zannyro would sew the purses for me?

I know! Maybe Zannyo could run down to the local nursery/landscape place and pick up a few squirrel wheelbarrows…I could carry SOO many peanuts in a squirrel wheelbarrow….I wonder if there are squirrel wheelbarrows? I need to run up to Zannyro and bite her in the leg the next time I see her,,,that always gets her attention, then we could discuss all of the supplies I need.