YOWZA, what a sky!

2428629B-8BE8-4B6D-808C-A34FF0527171A beautiful Florida day decided to get moody late in the afternoon, the clouds marched in.

Right on cue, they spread out and filled the sky.8F870B3D-5AB8-4119-A185-142A296C1689Rain poured down, and all indications were that it was going to be a “no sunset evening.”

I’m glad I didn’t give up on a sundown show…the clouds couldn’t hold it back and it blasted a beacon of beauty.DBBA1941-E0CB-47DB-9723-04B625CD1958

Leave It To The Sky.

pink blue sunset

After a day of extremely strong winds and torrential rainfall, the sky had apparently run out of anger.

Having had it’s tantrum, the sky went all sweet and tried to make up for it’s bad temper by puffing up the remaining clouds with gorgeous color.

The sky is very clever, I immediately forgave it and told it how much I adored it. 





I’ve never seen the big sycamore at the end of our driveway spotlighted like this before. Normally it’s pitch black along the road…it can creep a person out if the deer are moving through the woods.

At the top of this image you can see that there were clouds in the sky, they covered the moon and then revealed it, time and time again. What you can’t see is that the  clouds were screaming across the sky, moving at forty-one miles an hour.  The woods were howling and the power was out…where was the light coming from?


The fire truck parked in the middle of the road.


We had been listening to the wind, when almost simultaneously, we heard a  loud BOOM and saw a bright white light shoot way into the woods. We also found ourselves sitting in the dark.

Long story short, the branches of this huge tree brushed the power lines across the street and the circuit breakers on a telephone pole popped…or as I called it, “exploded.”

Prior to the fireman and police officers getting here, we grabbed our powerful flashlights and waved them madly whenever we saw headlights come over the hill from either direction.We also made sure we stayed out from under the trees, well I did…hubby needed a lot of vocal encouragement from me to, “MOVE OUT FROM UNDER THE TREES!”

Two cars were very lucky, they came over the hill JUST after the tree came down. A few seconds either way and we could have found a car under the tree when we got to the end of the driveway.

My hat is off to those firemen…they had the road cleared in no time…they cut and then lifted those HUGE sections of tree and then, shouldering their chainsaws, they marched back to their truck and went off to the next rescue.

(My apologies for the grainy images…I used my phone, didn’t have the right setting selected, my hands were freezing…the dog ate my homework.)


WATERMARK  Tornado helmet (1 of 1)

Now this is actually a bike helmet…but any helmet in a tornado warning is a tornado helmet to me.As you can see, I like a little “pizzazz” going on…especially when there’s a little electricity in the air.

I gave two of my kids helmets like this for their birthday, last year?..the year before?…..My other child lives in Montana and doesn’t experience a whole lot of tornado activity. When they were much younger, I’d have them put their bike helmets on and we’d all troop down into the basement when a tornado warning was issued…we had a large glass window at the end of the only room that comprised the basement..so I was worried about that for sure. Now, the weather channel has stolen my idea and is advising people to use their bike helmets, motorcycle helmets, whatever they can, to protect their heads.

(Do you remember the time a bunch of people were in a large store and a tornado was coming…the store manager had all the customers gather together in the toilet paper section and covered them all up with it…as long as that toilet paper didn’t get sucked up into the vortex, they should have been pretty protected….I personally would rather wear a helmet.)

If you live in tornado alley, or where I do, which I call “mini-tornado alley”…they also recommend that you keep your helmet in your car…wherever you spend the majority of your day…have it close by…maybe schools should have a special hanger underneath each school desk where a one size fits all helmet could be kept….I’m not kidding, actually..just during tornado season.

So people here’s the plan…you all go out and get yourself a helmet and then send me a picture of the style you picked…glue feathers to it, tape paper wings to it…stick a fake pony-tail on it…just get those noggins protected…especially the kiddies!

Yep, I’m silly…but you already knew that!

(Please know that I take a light-hearted tone with this post…but this is a very, very serious matter and I pray that all of those caught in this awful ongoing situation will be safe, along with all of their loved ones, two and four-footed alike.)

They are warning again…if you have a helmet…PUT IT ON…also…make sure that you have shoes on…there will be a lot of debris…you will need to protect your feet.