Tell the world to slow down.

It’s time for me to try to leap back into blogging…so many little things keep me from taking the time to post.

I hope everyone out there has stayed safe and well, we have much to deal with in these confounding times so take the time to rest and pamper your brain.

Although the world doesn’t need another cute animal picture or silly, rambling observation, I’m going to start adding to the plethora of personal expression run rampant.

So consider this an official notification…The “window” is open for business.

Something new and different!

Anyone else out there feel like their creativity is flickering?

I’m still working on my second novel and it’s coming right along…but I feel like I need to do something different with my content on here. You’ll probably still see a lot of my regular images…but in just a bit, you’re going to see something new. I’ve been wanting to do it for some time now, and at long last I’ve started collecting my “supplies”. I’m getting a little excited about it…always a good sign. Brace yourselves…it’s a bit out there.