Where’s the soap?

Every inch perfection WM (39 of 1)

In the secret life of birds, depending on whether the bird is a pet bird or a wild bird, some things aren’t so secret.

If you have a pet bird, you’ve probably watched it groom itself. Think about it, have you ever considered that they might appreciate a shower curtain when it’s time for their ablutions? If we’re there, there’s no way for them to hide the process, they’re on full display, their every moment of grooming can be known to us.  I’m not saying they crave privacy at that time, it’s just that we don’t know their secret thoughts, so why not assume that they don’t want us there at that time and buy them a cute bird shower curtain.

Wild birds can always settle in some tree or bush that has heavy foliage to take care of whatever maintenance is necessary. Any and every thing done is PRIVATE! A pet bird probably would consider that SUCH a luxury…but I don’t know for sure, because they keep that secret in their little bird brains.

Look at the bird in the picture above…look how clean it’s snowy white feathers are. These birds are hammered with every weather element that comes along and yet, almost always they are immaculate…unless it’s raining and then they just have to put up with being a mess.

I want to know what their secret is…how do they stay so clean? How do indoor pet birds stay so clean? We don’t provide the indoor birds with soap and unless there’s a bird convenience store somewhere in the woods that I don’t know about, the wild birds don’t have access to soap, either. 

To put you all out of your misery, I will wrap my musings up…but if someone out there knows the answer to the following question, I sure would appreciate being let in on the secret…IS THERE SOAP IN THEIR SPIT?