Does it feel like fall yet?

Across the wide world, the seasons are at various stages. In my little corner of the woods, fall is fast approaching. I should check, it might technically already be fall. In any case, come on fall! Most of our summer was hot, hot, hot and I’m ready for some cooler temperatures.

I’ve done something very out of character and purchased pumpkins…BEFORE the end of September! I’ve even been contemplating Halloween candy and we don’t get any trick-or-treaters. Tell me I’m not the only one doing this!

Rest time!

wm What's this I see?

It’s a busy, busy time for the squirrels. Fall is here and the hickory trees are dropping nuts at a dizzying pace. They fall out of the trees with a solid, LOUD, thump. I used to think the squirrels were throwing them out of the trees, but that proved to be wrong.

The squirrels are gathering the nuts and running to and fro, looking for places to bury them. I did a little research and it was noted that grey squirrels bury the nuts and red squirrels hoard them above ground. One study showed that grey squirrels only find approx. twenty-six percent of the nuts they bury. The remaining nuts get a chance to become a tree one day!

I have only one concern for the squirrels, I think they should wear helmets while they’re gathering the nuts. Safety first.


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Almost all of the trees are bare, except for the mighty oaks…they always hang on to the very last.
We do have a few bushes left that are still producing a blaze of glory.
And so we bid a fond farewell to summer and soon fall and then KA-POW! Winter will be upon us…