4509 True Love

Pigeonland is an amusement park of sorts…but…

You will not find elephant ear treats for sale. You will not meet SnowWhite.

You will not pay one hundred million dollars to gain admittance…because people are not allowed in Pigeonland.

You will not pose for pictures with a giant pigeon in red shorts.

There are no rides featuring pigeon shaped vehicles gliding through jungle lagoons where pigeon pirates might jump out at you or sing to you.

Pigeonland is only for the pretty, awkward birds shown above. Pigeons get to hang out together in big groups, eating  popcorn and crackers OFF THE GROUND, THROWN THERE BY COMPLETE STRANGERS!

Pigeonland has statues reserved only for pigeons…(we all know what they do to those poor statues)…but why Pigeonland allows this, I’ll never know.

In Pigeonland, the pigeons get to fly and I know that we all want to do that, but it’s not going to happen…at least not until we grow wings.

I’m posting this as a favor to you all. If you had, “Go to Pigeonland for vacation”, on your “bucket list”, erase it from the list. I’ve seen too many friends go through severe disappointment when they find out that Pigeonland is so exclusive…don’t let this happen to you.