Eye see you.

This is the eye of a bluebird…the feathers around it amaze me with their beautiful patterns and delicacy.

I’ve been making sure that their favorite sunflower chips are always available because at least some of their food source is buried beneath a LOT of snow.

I buried my chocolate under the snow and like a squirrel, I occasionally find a bit, dig it up and have a feast…(I’m just kidding.)

Don’t leave without us!

These deer were all the way down on the bank of the river, so I was surprised to get a decent shot of any kind. A herd of seven were loosely grouped and these three were stragglers. The deer in the middle is keeping an eye on the rest of the herd that had already worked it’s way down the hill and into the ravine.

The Western Territory.

So sweet…happily finding seeds amongst the clover.
Oh look! The pine squirrel seems interested in inhabiting some real estate closer to the squirrel.
Hmmm…it would appear that the big boy squirrel maintains strict boundaries and has claimed this territory as his own. Have no worries, this ended peacefully.