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A flock of feathered friends catching forty winks.

WM naptime (39 of 1)

Remember our little bird friend from the other day, the one taking a nap?

I just wanted to give you an idea of who it’s friends are. Looking at this image, I’m wondering if the brown birds are standing guard or just too wound up on caffeine too sleep. (Just kidding, as far as I know, they don’t drink coffee.)

I Love A Fur Coat, But It Depends On Who’s Wearing It.


Tossed a glance out the window one morning


And what did my wondering eyes see? Certainly not Santa Claus.


A young bobcat, perhaps only twenty ? Thirty?,feet from our door. It played with a flying grasshopper for a moment and then jumped into some bushes at the base of a palm tree. 




In the not so distant past, the following conversation took place.


“Did you watch that weather report last night? They said it’s going to get really cold soon, and then it will get pretty warm. Frozen rain is supposed to fall from the sky and the wind could blow so hard that it might blow our houses down. Oh I forgot, then it’s going to get warm and then the very next day, frozen rain will fall out of the sky again. Have you ever heard anything so hilarious? Those weather people just crack me up.”