Add them to your list.

Doves…not always the first bird to come to mind when naming gorgeous birds. They  are, however, exquisite. Yes, they waddle, but when they fly they are the epitome of streamlined aircraft. Just look at the beauty of the wings, so many colors, highlights and shadows. 

DSC_7433 5 Gorgeous dove wm

The male dove is also a romantic,a poet, irresistible as far as the ladies are concerned.

I adore you wm

If only they didn’t monopolize the bird feeder.



The list of two.

DSC_1610 Hummingbird wm

HUMMINGBIRDS!!  A few hummingbirds have become regular visitors and of course, I’ve become a little obsessed. You may have to ignore me at some point, because there will be more photos…because I’m out of control.


I’m learning a lot about these delicate birds, ONE of which is the fact that they can be territorial. I’ve seen videos before of lots of hummingbirds enjoying the feeders together, but the first one that found my feeder has a firm policy of NO SHARING.

DSC_9932 hummingbird wm

TWO…The hummingbirds little wings are truly amazing. During migration, a hummingbird’s wings flap 15 to 80 times a second.

poetry in motion

DSC_9932 cropped hummingbird wm

I’m looking forward to just a little more time with the hummingbirds, because soon their migration will begin.

DSC_2153 Hummingbird 2 wms

Now don’t say I didn’t warn you, I have a few more images to share…so brace yourselves.



Ninja bluebird?

5389 2 wms Indigo bunting

I’m not sure what was below this bluebird, but in the event that this was a ninja bluebird…I’m glad it wasn’t me.

Just look at those poised claws, the arched back, the look of fury on it’s face…okay, maybe not fury, but it’s not smiling.

Aside from the ninja attitude, what gets me the most is that it appears to have longer fingernails than I do.

Bird Gossip

6363-2 2wms chatting in the branches wm (39 of 1)

‘So she said, “I’m sick and tired of you coming home at all hours, reeking of expensive birdseed with your feathers all ruffled!”‘

‘And then HE said, “I’m not entitled to a little treat for myself once in a while? It’s not my fault that you only want to go to the cheap bird feeders. I get TIRED of eating bread crumbs!”‘

‘And then SHE said, “Two can play this game, Mr. Fancy-Pants Suet eater! I’M GOING TO START LIVING IT UP! I’M GOING TO HANG OUT AT THAT NEW POLE FEEDER, THE ONE  WOODROW INVITED ME TO!”‘

And then HE said, “WOODROW!! WOODROW!! That flashy, good for nothing WOODPECKER?!?! YOU WOULDN’T DARE!”‘

‘And then SHE said, “Just watch me! I’m going to go preen my feathers, and strut my stuff! We’ll just see who deserves a treat. You’ve criticized my way of life one too many times.  You’re going to find out how good you’ve had it, but it will be TOO late! I’ll be gone and YOU’LL BE SORRY!”‘


And then that was it! She flew off and he pulled a piece of suet out from under his wing where he’d been hiding it and ate it, end of story.

 Anyway, I don’t like to gossip, so don’t tweet about this, okay?’


Finally, fresh leafy greens.

I wonder how the deer feel when spring arrives,the trees unfurl their leaves and suddenly they have fresh, fresh, fresh food?New Mother eats tasty leaves wm


This buck worked it’s way into the Phlox and honeysuckle bushes, it later told me it was trying to find the most nutrient dense leaves and complained that mother nature had stocked them “way at the back of the ‘shelves.'”  I don’t know why he was complaining, he was tall and he had a longer neck than I do…if that was my food source, I would starve to death because of my short neck…no way could I reach that high.

5872 2 wmsyoung buck vertical

5883 Young buck wm (39 of 1)