Is it naptime yet?

5302 2 wms Dove drying wings after rain shower needs wm (39 of 1)

This mourning dove has the right idea. Resting between feedings is a must and I make sure to do that myself each and every day.

My resting place of choice is slightly different than the mourning dove’s. I prefer something soft,something that doesn’t have pointy needles. I always choose maple trees. Their leaves are far more comfy and apparently you can get syrup out of them.

It’s a bird! It’s a bird!

WM Evening Grosbeak for your shot_edited-1

It’s an Evening Grosbeak!

While visiting our son in Montana, I spent some time sitting like a statue watching the bustling activity at their bird feeder.

There were two of these beauties peeking at me from behind the leaves of a lilac bush. Eventually they decided that I had no feathers OR wings, so I wasn’t a true threat and they popped into view.






Today I decided to share some images of dew drops on rose bush leaves that I took with my new point and shoot camera. The Canon PowerShot SX720 HS is awesome!


I didn’t use a tripod on these images, so I’m really surprised at the clarity. 


I’m very excited about “traveling light” in the near future and finding out just what this little powerhouse camera can do.


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Almost all of the trees are bare, except for the mighty oaks…they always hang on to the very last.
We do have a few bushes left that are still producing a blaze of glory.
And so we bid a fond farewell to summer and soon fall and then KA-POW! Winter will be upon us…