It's a fox doing fox stuff wm

I was looking out the window into the woods, contemplating my latest strategy for outsmarting the chipmunks that steal the birdseed, when what should I see?

A FOX!!!

Following the scent wm

The fox trotted along in no particular hurry and that gave me enough time to grab my camera. Remember I said I grabbed my camera, not that I took things slowly enough for the pictures to be in focus when I took them.

The Fox Tail wm

I like this shot because the shape of the tail is exactly what you see in images or drawings of the perfect roundness at the top.

I continually marvel at the wonders of the woods.


SPRING FOX (1 of 1)

It’s almost April! I’m really hoping that I get to see the newest fox family this spring…there were triplets wrestling and playing in the back last year…Yes, this fox was sitting on our deck…if you’re squeamish don’t read this next part…but they would sometimes come up on the deck where I have a little garden and “plant” their “left-overs” there. I never saw them come back to retrieve their “snack”, but my roses sure were beautiful that year.