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I Expected To See Lions.


Not far from town in Venice,Florida we stumbled on a nature preserve. We weren’t prepared for a hike, and besides, I was afraid a giant python would eat us. But even from the car driving down a remote stretch of road, there was beauty right outside. Something about this view captured my imagination and I could almost hear the roar of lions in the wild.



One nice sunny day, we took our little boat out for a ride on the Intracoastal in Florida. We needed gas, so we pulled in at a marina and were told by the nice man working there, that their credit card machine wasn’t working and they could only take cash. Luckily, I had thirteen dollars.

We’d been admiring this beautiful yacht since we’d pulled in and I asked, “What does someone with a boat like that, do in a situation like this?” The answer came accompanied by raised eyebrows and a whisper…”They pay in cash.”

My next impertinent question, “How much does it take to fill up a boat like that?”

Stunning answer…”Five to ten thousand dollars.”

I hoped the owner of the yacht had money left over to buy a burger for lunch. Somehow I think they did.



I Love A Fur Coat, But It Depends On Who’s Wearing It.


Tossed a glance out the window one morning


And what did my wondering eyes see? Certainly not Santa Claus.


A young bobcat, perhaps only twenty ? Thirty?,feet from our door. It played with a flying grasshopper for a moment and then jumped into some bushes at the base of a palm tree.