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A month or two back..the rookery that I visit was packed with “Mommy and Daddy” Egrets building nests, keeping eggs warm, feeding little egrets who had already “hatched”. There was a whole lot of squawking going on. I’d be squawking too if somebody was trying to take over my nest, or step on my baby.


SLEEPY   with watermark

This is my new workout routine….just like this little Prairie dog…I will get up, stretch and eat…what do they eat?
I need to do more research…I’m pretty sure that they don’t eat chocolate…their little hearts would go pitty-pat,pitty-pat,
Perhaps they eat french fries and banana splits…or maybe green eggs and ham. I’m sure that there’s a slim chance that they have an ice cream cone once in a while. I shall stretch and then find a video to watch that will teach me all about the diet of the Prairie dog…then I will take a nap.
Can you tell that I’m not very motivated today? If I was motivated I would watch the birds at the bird-feeder and study flying…then I would flap my arms a lot, run around in the backyard and see if anything happened.