Blog WAVE STUDY 5 (1 of 1)

I confess…we were lucky enough to get away to the land of the sun for two weeks! As you already know, hubby was sick and eventually I got sick and I’m still sick….BUT….I did have about nine days of feeling good enough to go out and capture some images.

I found waves and pretty birds and then something that grabbed me by the throat and wouldn’t let go…I found an eagle’s nest, complete with two eaglets and their parents…wouldn’t you know it…the day after I left, one of the eaglet left the nest!
I’ll be showing you some of my favorites…I will also tell you about how exhausting it was to STRUGGLE with a camera and somehow come out with a few good shots..I threatened to throw it into the “jungle” I don’t know how many times…I think I caught the cough from hell because I got so exhausted over the hours that I spent with the eagles. It was worth every cough I’ve had since then…they are just amazing, amazing birds.

So I’m starting off with one of my favorite wave images…