All three deer together (39 of 1)Can I eat this food too? wm (39 of 1)

I had noticed that the little bird feeder tray was unusually clean in the mornings and thought…raccoons.

Nope. Deer.

One afternoon I was walking across the studio close to the outside door and a mere five feet from me were three deer at the feeder.

I’ve seen these characters passing through quite often, but I had no idea that they’d discovered the little feeding tray.¬†

I thought the little buck was ADORABLE, look at it sniffing the rose bush.Done wm Little buck and the rose bush 4643_edited-1

But what is this?? NO! NO!

Little bucks eats the rose bush wm 4649

Well darn it. Now I know who ate all of my rose bushes. ūüė쬆Mystery solved,¬†disappointment¬†activated.



2346   Oliver Jump (1 of 1)


Like the title says, there was a bird at that feeder just moments before I fired the camera….not in focus, but it made me laugh.

By the way‚ĶI did not put¬†sticky pads on Oliver’s paws and attach him to the window‚Ķhe was flying high one minute and zooming toward¬†earth the next‚Ķfree as a bird‚Ķpun intended.