This will give you chills.

2 Sam and the big grizzly print_edited-1

My son works in the mountains in Montana. There was a fresh snowfall this week and he noticed a “little” something in the snow.

You’re looking at his foot, next to a grizzly bear paw print.

I’m expecting a full head of white hair by Sunday.

One bear, one scare!


I promised you another animal and here it is! We had barely started our drive around the National Bison Range when out of nowhere came a bear. We made our first turn and there were two cars stopped in the road. Three people were out of their cars taking pictures.

I of course took a picture too, which has been cropped, so it looks like we were closer than we actually were. In my case, my son taught me long ago that you don’t get out of your car. Animals can move VERY quietly and VERY quickly. 

This bear was right in front of everyone, but behind those standing in the road was a hill with lots of brush in front of it. You never know when an animal is going to come up from behind you and that could be the last picture you ever take.

BEAR IN MIND…(Don’t get too close.)

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A few years ago, we went out west to visit our son…that was just our first stop, we headed to Oregon and Washington from there.
Somewhere along the way we spotted this bear family…I was thrilled! Of course, being the experienced photographer that I am, I had only taken one lens with me on the trip….but I went for the shot anyway. Being too far away from a wild bear family to get a close up is NOT a bad thing. The image below is what I REALLY saw.

all rights reserved.
all rights reserved.