Ah love,so fickle,so fleeting.


From the moment this squirrel found the birdseed, you could tell it was LOVE. You can even see the squirrel kissing the bird feeder, such a romantic.

Being in love and winning over the one you love isn’t always possible. This squirrel tried and tried to get some acknowledgement from the birdseed but it wouldn’t even throw it a crumb.

Eventually, things deteriorated as these things do. The love the squirrel had for the seed diminished through frustration and all that was left was some half-hearted screaming.


It's a fox doing fox stuff wm

I was looking out the window into the woods, contemplating my latest strategy for outsmarting the chipmunks that steal the birdseed, when what should I see?

A FOX!!!

Following the scent wm

The fox trotted along in no particular hurry and that gave me enough time to grab my camera. Remember I said I grabbed my camera, not that I took things slowly enough for the pictures to be in focus when I took them.

The Fox Tail wm

I like this shot because the shape of the tail is exactly what you see in images or drawings of the perfect roundness at the top.

I continually marvel at the wonders of the woods.

You’ve got some nerve!

I thought I was all alone…but I hear the unmistakeable galumphing of a Velociraptor.DSC_9739 deer in the woods wm


THERE IT IS!DSC_9751 deer and turkey wm


Don’t get me wrong, I might be a little nervous but not enough to stop eating.DSC_9792 chewing leaves and watching a turkey wm


Yep, I’m sticking my tongue out at you, you don’t scare me.DSC_9791 Sticking my tongue out at a turkey wm


Where did you come from?DSC_9803 deer and TWO turkeys wm


What are you doing? You’re getting too close.cropped-dsc_9831-deer-and-two-turkeys-for-header-wm.jpg


Stop stalking me! You’re weird, I’m leaving.DSC_9838 Might be time to leave wm




I gave you last night to cool down, came back to have my breakfast of sweet new greenery and you do THIS to me?  I didn’t bring my buddies with me to intimidate YOU, this is just not fair. DSC_7386 wm So What Are You Guys Up To



Finally, fresh leafy greens.

I wonder how the deer feel when spring arrives,the trees unfurl their leaves and suddenly they have fresh, fresh, fresh food?New Mother eats tasty leaves wm


This buck worked it’s way into the Phlox and honeysuckle bushes, it later told me it was trying to find the most nutrient dense leaves and complained that mother nature had stocked them “way at the back of the ‘shelves.'”  I don’t know why he was complaining, he was tall and he had a longer neck than I do…if that was my food source, I would starve to death because of my short neck…no way could I reach that high.

5872 2 wmsyoung buck vertical

5883 Young buck wm (39 of 1)