Don’t look if you don’t like mice.

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Meet Georgio…I finally saw, and captured, an image of my birdseed thief!

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I opened my window into the woods very quietly and slowly and confronted the beast.

“Hey you!” I bellowed.

“Who me?” Georgia squeaked back.

“Yes YOU!  I’m making a citizen’s arrest…you’ve been a very bad mouse.”

“You have no authority over me, I’m a mouse. I have immunity from human laws.”

I pondered this statement for over an hour. While I pondered, Georgio casually munched on some sunflower seeds…my  sunflower seeds. His lack of respect was disgraceful and frankly insulting. 

I decided to go find my book listing the rules and regulations of the wildlife kingdom…specifically the mouse volume and when I got back to the window, HE WAS GONE! 

I’m contacting my lawyer to see what my options are, in case I run into smarty pants Georgio in the future.