So long winter, hello mayhem.

You can probably tell from this image that we did have snow this winter. Some of you had too much winter and some had an odd mixture of weather like we did. It took forever for temperatures to drop and when they did, they proceeded to bounce around like those cat toys that run on batteries, inevitably crashing into a wall.

The wall that winter ran into, was spring. This has been a brutal spring so far, with violent destructive storms and tornadoes. turning lives upside down, Homes have been destroyed and cherished keepsakes have been scattered far and wide.

One of the survivors of a recent tornado had lived in her town most of her life and do you know what she said she would miss the most? The trees. I immediately understood her heartbreak. One of my fears is that another Derecho will hit us and we’ll lose our woods.

Well, I’ve wandered down a road that I didn’t mean to, but I hope all of you out there stay safe. If your area is under a severe thunderstorm warning, be ready to act. Tornadoes are spawned from these storms and if you wait until an actual tornado warning is issued, you may only have seconds.

Wishing you all a non-tumultuous spring.


Everyone safe out there?

We’re feathered up against the flurries here today…tomorrow may be another story, it was in the 60’s just days ago.

To all of my friends on the West coast, I’m hoping that wherever you are, you’re high and dry and hanging in there.

To my friends in the South, I hope you’re all coming through the violent storms safely.

To those of you experiencing some of the earthquakes…well…pardon me…but, damn!

Mr. Mom

I’ve spent years photographing birds, and I feel like an idiot. It never registered with me that mama lays the eggs, but dad does the child rearing! Mama might be off building a new nest for her next batch of eggs, while dad takes over with the current brood. He sits on the eggs, keeping them warm and finishes the process of bringing new life into the world. Once the little ones have arrived, dad shoulders the responsibility of finding and delivering food.

It’s not the same with every species. Some birds trade off, mom keeps the eggs warm for a time, then dad takes over, they raise their brood together. As always, I have a LOT to learn.

A bluebird dad gets up close and personal with junior. I have no idea what this discussion was about, but I’m pretty sure junior didn’t borrow the car and bring it back on empty.

I can’t help wondering how my son would react if his father stood on his back and force fed him a peanut.

This goldfinch father seems to have been doing a good job of providing food for baby, it seems like it’s bigger than dad! I admire dad a lot… it has to be hard to concentrate on the job at hand with someone standing on your tail feathers.