It’s a bird! It’s a bird!

WM Evening Grosbeak for your shot_edited-1

It’s an Evening Grosbeak!

While visiting our son in Montana, I spent some time sitting like a statue watching the bustling activity at their bird feeder.

There were two of these beauties peeking at me from behind the leaves of a lilac bush. Eventually they decided that I had no feathers OR wings, so I wasn’t a true threat and they popped into view.



Does This Look Like 85? Not To Me Either.

The birthday girl

If you’ve ever wondered where I got my love of fun, this image might give you a clue.

My mother will be eighty-five this week. That’s what her birth certificate indicates.

There is NO possible way that the birth certificate is telling the truth. 

I am older than my mother is, I’m sure of it. You will never convince me otherwise.