What goes on?

0143 Adorable bluebird 2wm

How’s everybody doing? I have run out of chocolate, but thank God I still have a box of Lucky Charms cereal tucked away.

This cute male bluebird enjoyed one of our rare days of sun this past week and told me through the window into the woods, to ration the bird seed. How did they know we were going to be tightening our belts and avoiding close contact with people?

When I think about it, I have noticed birds lined up at the windows watching my laptop screen when I read COVID-19 updates. Is there even MORE to birds than we knew? 

Now I’m wondering if they ARE able to read, what else can they do?


Paint with their feet?

Square dance?

Direct traffic?

The mind boggles.


I promised you a story.

Have you ever heard of airplane ear? My husband has a case of it right now. He flew about three days ago and he can only hear the slightest bit out of his left ear.

If his right ear isn’t turned toward me, forget it…he’ll hear nothing. His situation will improve, but for now I’ve had to learn some coping methods. One method that has worked quite well is bellowing. 

I thought hubby was in the basement, and I wanted to find out if he wanted  breakfast. I was revving up my lungs to bellow down the basement stairs…all ready to shout out, “DO YOU WANT SOME EGGS???”, when I realized he was standing ten feet away from me in the kitchen. I don’t know if it’s possible to trip and choke over your tongue at the same time, but I think I did that. I could have scared him to death…death by bellowing…a horrible way to go.

Social distancing.

social distancing

Well my friends…here we are, uncharted territory.

The Coronavirus is moving fast and we just had our first case reported for our state. I’ve been getting supplies in for the last week or so and in that respect I feel a little prepared.

Our daughter has been advised to work from home by her employer…a multi-national corporation that specializes in risk assessment. My husband who never worries about anything decided to work from home and we are as of today, reducing exposure to other people to a bare minimum.

I pray that all of you out there will be safe and stay well, along with your family and friends.

I think I’ll spend more time writing ridiculous stories on here to keep you all distracted and hopefully entertained, squirrels and such will still make  appearances.

Remember now, wash your hands while you sing Happy Birthday to you all the way through, maybe even do that twice. Wash between your fingers, under your fingernails and even include your wrists.

Let me know how all of you are doing.

Hang in there friends!

Little Miss Calico! She’s back!

Miss Calico cropped wm DSC_8352

I just love this little bird…I first saw her last year and I was taken by the markings on her sweet face. 

I was so happy to see her again this winter. I hadn’t seen her in a long time and I thought perhaps that she had passed on.

I hope she comes to visit for a long, long time.