Umbrella Street

Umbrella street WM


Many days of our week in Zurich it was sprinkling ,but it didn’t stop us. It’s funny how weather that would keep me inside when I’m home doesn’t even faze me on a vacation.

This is Altstadt in the Swiss city of Zürich. It encompasses the area of the entire historical city before 1893. Day or night, rain or shine we found new places to explore in this magical place.

Zurich Switzerland…Too Much Beauty?

The long walk skyline copy

December…Zurich…Was it all a dream? No…but it is now a cherished memory and a place that I hope I will someday see again.

Walking…Zurich…miles and miles of walking and soaking in the atmosphere. 

Cold…Zurich…but of course, but it wasn’t all that bad. I don’t generally like to be cold, but in a place such as this, I barely noticed it.

More…Zurich…pictures…I’ll be posting more, so I’m apologizing ahead of time.