Social distancing.

social distancing

Well my friends…here we are, uncharted territory.

The Coronavirus is moving fast and we just had our first case reported for our state. I’ve been getting supplies in for the last week or so and in that respect I feel a little prepared.

Our daughter has been advised to work from home by her employer…a multi-national corporation that specializes in risk assessment. My husband who never worries about anything decided to work from home and we are as of today, reducing exposure to other people to a bare minimum.

I pray that all of you out there will be safe and stay well, along with your family and friends.

I think I’ll spend more time writing ridiculous stories on here to keep you all distracted and hopefully entertained, squirrels and such will still make  appearances.

Remember now, wash your hands while you sing Happy Birthday to you all the way through, maybe even do that twice. Wash between your fingers, under your fingernails and even include your wrists.

Let me know how all of you are doing.

Hang in there friends!