So it decided to be winter.

dsc_5708 2 wm grape squirrel

Our snowfall wasn’t just a fluke…we’ve had little bits of snow floating through the air the past few days and the temperatures have DROPPED! It was five degrees Fahrenheit this morning. 

I have to admit that I’m getting my information from a new weatherman in the area. Dave the Squirrel, weatherman extraordinaire, is giving me regular updates. He’s been very accurate so far, we shall see if that continues.

dsc_5710 grapevine squirrel 2 wm

The determined squirrel.

dsc_1724 january squirrel 1

We had four inches of snow the other day! We’ve had a lot of rain, but not much snow up until now, so it was a very pretty change of pace.

The snow may have made it easier for the squirrels to get to the feeder, I know it had to be softer than walking on the rock hard clumps of dirt. No matter what the reason, I was glad to see this one and today we had TWO!!



It’s a critter!!

wm dsc_0312 snowy squirrel

Someone came for just a bit this morning. It was a VERY short visit, it saw me and ZOOM, the squirrel ran back to the woods.

I promise I did nothing to discourage it from spending time outside the window. I may have to put on a squirrel costume in order to reassure the poor thing that squirrels are welcome here.

Squirrel time!

DSC_1647 Finally a Squirrel 1

A picture of a squirrel is long overdue, don’t you agree?

I don’t get many squirrels now that we’ve built the new house. I’m wondering if the fact that the backyard is nothing but big clumps and “clods” of dirt, has something to do with it.

I suppose it feels a little like they enter a new and alien land when they try to scamper across the bumpy surface. Scampering has to be MUCH harder than before.

This spring the yard will be smoothed out and grass will be planted, so maybe they’ll start coming to visit again. I’m not sure why this one braved the alien terrain, but it only came once. Maybe it got blisters on it’s little feet from the difficult journey and they refused to come back. Feet are like that.