Babies of the woods.

Some of the new fawns that arrived this spring. I’ve been trying to determine if they pass by at the same time each day, but so far, no luck with that.

I‘ve captured a few short videos of them romping together, chasing after their mother, etc., with my trail camera, but getting them to load onto my laptop has been a bit of a challenge. You never know, a miracle could happen and I’ll actually get to share them with you.

Amongst the flowers.

Two young deer, a buck and a doe, decided to take a walk in the Phlox. These flowers only bloom in the spring here and when they do, it’s a beautiful sight. The best thing about them is that they’re perennials, they come back every year, and I don’t have to do a thing as far as taking care of them.

The deer seemed to be searching for something ‘delish’ to eat but didn’t seem to find anything that met their standards for yummy. That’s the other great thing about phlox…the deer won’t eat them!

Two deer surrounded by Phlox.