DSC_5574_Little blue bird 4 wms

Yes, I did photoshop this image…and the results are not that great, but I really didn’t like the second lopsided feeding tray that was hovering over little bluebird’s head included in the image.

I’m so excited that bluebirds are finally coming to the feeder. I see them all of the time at the edges of the woods, but they’ve never been interested in the offerings from the Zannyro Diner before!

I’m thinking of naming this one, wait for it…”BLUEBIRD ONE!”


Turkey time!

5111 Turkey Line (39 of 1)

I warned you earlier about seeing more turkey images and today is one of those sightings. These were actually taken a month or more ago. I love the fact that when the turkeys are trooping off to a destination, they form a line and follow the leader.

There ARE exceptions to the rule…say when a deer gets in the way and thinks it’s going to scare the turkey troop off. They may break formation, but all they need is about a foot to detour around the foolish deer. They aren’t fazed a bit by the large four legged creature in their way.

9459 Lighter Deer in the woods with the turkeys WM (39 of 1)

When the troop reaches it’s destination, or it’s just free time, they break ranks and have fun.

8104 Turkey huddle 2 WM

Two birds.

DSC_4510 Two birds

By my count, there are two birds in this image.

As Doctor Seuss would say’ish …

Not one, not three,

(Not fish they be.)

Not seven, eight,

(Not a dinner plate.)

Not four, not ten,

(Not rooster or hen.)

Not five, not six,

(Not fuzzy chicks.)

They’re just two birds, not more, not less,

(This post has just become a mess.)

The End.