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Dog Dictatorship

Mozzie owning the bed.PG

A power struggle can be an interesting thing.

Meet Mozzie, my daughter’s dog. Every night after she washes her face before bed, she walks out to find every blanket and sheet on the bed removed.

Standard poodles are too smart by half and not willing to give up the alpha role in a relationship easily.

I have to wonder if he piled everything up, intending for her to sleep in the little nest he built.

A flock of feathered friends catching forty winks.

WM naptime (39 of 1)

Remember our little bird friend from the other day, the one taking a nap?

I just wanted to give you an idea of who it’s friends are. Looking at this image, I’m wondering if the brown birds are standing guard or just too wound up on caffeine too sleep. (Just kidding, as far as I know, they don’t drink coffee.)