The Art of Water Ballet.

Would that I had the talent to do water balletSuch a wonderful version of the joy of the dance.

To and fro I would fling myself, droplets taking flight and then landing in a shower of refreshing bursts all around me.

Sadly I am a clumsy human with flailing arms and no ballet technique whatsoever. I shall remain admiring these feathery artists from afar, overcome with their grace and concealing my envy as best I can.

I’ve had chocolate and been away from the blog too long…I will try to rein in the silliness as best I can.

Who has the right of way?

Some days I have to remember to look out the other windows in the house.

On this particular afternoon, there was a traffic jam developing in the front yard.

I’m wondering if we’ll have to install traffic lights, I’m not sure how effective that would be but I’m sure it would work better than me standing out there with a flag and a whistle.