What goes on?

0143 Adorable bluebird 2wm

How’s everybody doing? I have run out of chocolate, but thank God I still have a box of Lucky Charms cereal tucked away.

This cute male bluebird enjoyed one of our rare days of sun this past week and told me through the window into the woods, to ration the bird seed. How did they know we were going to be tightening our belts and avoiding close contact with people?

When I think about it, I have noticed birds lined up at the windows watching my laptop screen when I read COVID-19 updates. Is there even MORE to birds than we knew? 

Now I’m wondering if they ARE able to read, what else can they do?


Paint with their feet?

Square dance?

Direct traffic?

The mind boggles.


Three Ducks went shopping.

We three ducks_WM

I lied. Ducks don’t go shopping.

Ducks eat a lot of grass, swim a lot and occasionally quack.

I’ve got a few questions about them and no one seems to have the answers, if you do, please feel free to supply me with the information.

Do ducks get tired of eating grass? I know they eat yucky stuff in the water, but do they ever eat butter?

Do some ducks swim better than others? If they stink at swimming, do they have to get a paddling tutor? 

Do some ducks have a southern quack, others a midwestern quack, a Canadian quack?

Do ducks find the game Duck, Duck, Goose offensive?

I could go on with my questions, but now I’m starting to wonder about mini-horses.