Yelling at mother nature.

Every Spring our Magnolia tree blossoms and within a day or so a storm comes along and batters it. We barely have time to ooh and ahh over how pretty it is.

Luckily it’s determined to have its moment in the sun and it produces it’s flowers more than once.

Strong wind began this afternoon and I shook my fist and warned it to leave the pretty flowers alone.

I try to restrict myself to fist shaking. I imagine the neighbors would have questions if they heard a voice yelling,Don’t you dare strip those off.”

It’s possible they wouldn’t think twice about hearing my war cry. They’ve gotten used to me yelling at the bluebird who protects his turf by throwing himself against our windows. But when I think about it, I wonder if they actually do know that I’m yelling at a bird when they hear, “Stop smacking your head against that, you’ll hurt yourself,” three times a day.