Add them to your list.

Doves…not always the first bird to come to mind when naming gorgeous birds. They  are, however, exquisite. Yes, they waddle, but when they fly they are the epitome of streamlined aircraft. Just look at the beauty of the wings, so many colors, highlights and shadows. 

DSC_7433 5 Gorgeous dove wm

The male dove is also a romantic,a poet, irresistible as far as the ladies are concerned.

I adore you wm

If only they didn’t monopolize the bird feeder.



Winging it.

4344 totally done done done wm (39 of 1)

Isn’t this male bluebird pretty?

The beautiful wings are like a cape  and everything says, “elegant.”

4343 5 totally done done done wm (39 of 1)

Then we have the mourning dove, clumsy on the branch ,built like a tank, it’s wings are beautiful in flight. When I see it next to a bluebird, I wonder how it even gets off the ground, but the answer stares me right in the face. Look at those massive wings!

7618 Dove and male bluebird wm (  


DSC_1295 2 wms There's supposed to be a prize in every tube do you see one? pg

‘It said on the label that there’s a prize in every tube…but I’ve eaten most of the tube and still no prize. Do you see one?’

‘Move over a little and let me get a better look, I see something right behind that peanut.’

‘Which peanut, the one on the left or the one on the right?’

‘ON THE RIGHT! LET ME LOOK! Nope, nope that’s a safflower seed, I hate those seeds, they get stuck in my beak.’

‘Flossing once in a while couldn’t hurt, it might help you get rid of your thistle seed breath.’

EXCUSE ME?? I don’t have bad breath!!’

‘When is the last time you smelled yourself?’

‘SMELLED MYSELF??? If you aren’t the rudest bird on the planet! You can just look for your stupid prize by yourself and I hope for your sake it’s DEODORANT!’

‘Hey wait a minute! Are you saying I STINK?!’

‘That underwing smell isn’t coming from me! I had a bird bath this morning.’

Well of all the low down mean things to say!’

You said my breath smelled!’

I was just trying to do you a favor and…THERE IT IS! THERE IT IS! THERE’S THE PRIZE!’


‘IT’S TOENAIL CLIPPERS! Shoot, it’s toe nail clippers…you can have them, you need them more than I do.’


……………Just a day in the life of a couple of bird brains………….