Dolphin arc (39 of 1)

Every so often, I get the chance to see a dolphin swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. If I’m lucky, I have a camera with me. 

Dolphins usually surface and then are gone, they may resurface but they’re always on the move and it’s very hard to guess where they’ll come back up. Many, many times I’ve missed the shot I wanted to get. Some day, one day, I want to capture an image of one jumping completely out of the water.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.


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This post is about two things…dolphin watching and obsession.

Well it’s about more than two things, but it started out being about two things.

If you want to be sure that you won’t see ANY dolphins when you go to the beach…just invite me along.

Maybe I should clarify that statement…if you want to make sure that you get to the beach immediately AFTER the dolphins have put on an AMAZING show out in the gulf…just invite me along.

EVERY TIME I went down to the jetty to look for dolphins, there would be MAYBE one slowly cruising around looking for fish. I would see portions of the dolphin and I love that…but it drives me crazy when I go down to the jetty and without fail someone notices me taking pictures of the dolphin and they make the statement that nearly sends me over the edge.

“OH YOU JUST MISSED IT!!! Just a few minutes ago ONE HUNDRED DOLPHINS were surfing the waves and jumping and flipping and playing and making pancakes and driving motorcycles…they did it OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! IT WAS JUST AWESOME, I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT IN MY LIFE!!! EVER!!!”

Ok I might be exaggerating about the number of dolphins…but the rest of it…(except for the part about the making pancakes and riding motorcycles) is absolutely true…ABSOLUTELY!!!

I get so focused on watching for the performing dolphins, that I walk right past people who live RIGHT NEXT TO ME and don’t even see them…(you know who you are Ken).

So I became so exhausted from watching for dolphins and hunting for shark teeth, ( I found 1,021), that I got on a plane and flew home. Even that became obsessive…I am NOT lying…the flight attendant got on the speaker and asked us to watch for a frog that had “gotten loose” on the plane…so there I was…on the hunt again. I may need medication.