Just passing through.

Last month this confident guy passed through the back of our property. He set a slow but steady pace and took his time getting to the break in the fence that the turkeys use as well as the deer to get to the property next door. I would love to put a trail camera in that location, but the last one I had worked one time and pfft….that was it.



WHAT’S THIS EYE EAR?…..( Get it?  I hear?  In my picture….Eye…Ear…moving on…).  Zannyro is considering doing another production of Shakespeare’s work….I am petitioning her for a role in this production but she has been ignoring me…she says she has to eat lunch first.  Then there will be a swimsuit competition…a talent competition and then a gown competition.

First of all….I don’t own a swimsuit…I swim in the nude.

Secondly……My only talents are  eating flowers, jumping out in front of cars and occasionally playing the harp.  Which to choose?

Thirdly……..I’m a MALE…I don’t own a GOWN!!!!  I shall shop in the woods for the perfect leaf to wear…..you figure that one out.