I think the chipmunk is going to have a much easier time eating it’s lunch, there’s no shell on it! Adorable chipmunk wmSquirrel with nut wm 0974

This is my little friend from the other day, he was so excited to have found this nut that he took it and ran far away into the woods with it. Then  he ran out of the woods, back to where he found the nut and ate it there.


It won’t be long.

Squirrel hanging around wm

I have a new visitor, it’s a “he”, and he visits everyday. I think he’s rather young because he doesn’t seem to have a lot of squirrel experience. He’s not very good at knowing what to do once he’s climbed up and reached the bird feeder…should he hang upside down? Should he shake it around and see if any falls out? Is there a spot for inserting a quarter and waiting for the seed to be dispensed?

I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t take him very long to figure out how to use his acrobatic skills to drop down to the feeders and stuff his little tummy.

Doves again?

Resized For Blog Beautifully lighted doves wm DSC_8824_edited-1

My apologies if this picture is posted twice. I thought I had it placed here yesterday, but it doesn’t show up on my thread. I know it has for some of you, but I’m putting it on again for my own enjoyment, lol!

These are mourning doves and I loved the light on them…if you look closely at the background you can see snow on the ground! Thank goodness that’s gone, now we just have to contend with allergies and the occasional thunderstorm.