DSC_1295 2 wms There's supposed to be a prize in every tube do you see one? pg

‘It said on the label that there’s a prize in every tube…but I’ve eaten most of the tube and still no prize. Do you see one?’

‘Move over a little and let me get a better look, I see something right behind that peanut.’

‘Which peanut, the one on the left or the one on the right?’

‘ON THE RIGHT! LET ME LOOK! Nope, nope that’s a safflower seed, I hate those seeds, they get stuck in my beak.’

‘Flossing once in a while couldn’t hurt, it might help you get rid of your thistle seed breath.’

EXCUSE ME?? I don’t have bad breath!!’

‘When is the last time you smelled yourself?’

‘SMELLED MYSELF??? If you aren’t the rudest bird on the planet! You can just look for your stupid prize by yourself and I hope for your sake it’s DEODORANT!’

‘Hey wait a minute! Are you saying I STINK?!’

‘That underwing smell isn’t coming from me! I had a bird bath this morning.’

Well of all the low down mean things to say!’

You said my breath smelled!’

I was just trying to do you a favor and…THERE IT IS! THERE IT IS! THERE’S THE PRIZE!’


‘IT’S TOENAIL CLIPPERS! Shoot, it’s toe nail clippers…you can have them, you need them more than I do.’


……………Just a day in the life of a couple of bird brains………….




Groundhog morning

All spring and summer I’ve been watching a pair of groundhog siblings roam the yard, nibbling on choice blades of grass and most often, yummy weeds.

On this particular morning I was lucky to catch the pair as they wandered out of the woods, damp from the rain that we’d had overnight.

0001 position 2 Isn't it a beautiful day? (39 of 1)


A handy tree stump provided a place to dry out.9930-2 Groundhog siblings wm (39 of 1)

I know these little critters can be a nuisance, but when they go about their daily life…

9965 wm snuggled up

They’re just adorable.9982 shhhhhh someone's sleeping wm