Little Miss Calico! She’s back!

Miss Calico cropped wm DSC_8352

I just love this little bird…I first saw her last year and I was taken by the markings on her sweet face. 

I was so happy to see her again this winter. I hadn’t seen her in a long time and I thought perhaps that she had passed on.

I hope she comes to visit for a long, long time.

Snowflake Junco.

use this Junco with snowflake wm

This Junco didn’t seem to mind having a snowflake resting under it’s eye. I love these little birds and I only get to see them in the fall and winter.

Guess what these little birds are nicknamed? Snowbirds!
Huge numbers of these birds migrate south to the United States in the winter from Canada and Alaska.
A lot of you know that the folks that flock to Florida in the winter are also called snowbirds!  

Well that’s different.

I’m used to seeing the tail feathers of a dove look like they do in the image below.  In the second shot, I was really surprised to see all of the feathers tucked in to one long “tail”. There are so many formations of the feathers that have to take place when flying. I could never be a bird, I’d surely forget what feather goes where and then I’d crash.

Beautiful light dove landing wm DSC_8812


Long tailed dove wm no borders DSC_0911_edited-1