Incoherent musing

I’ve been thinking about the famous quote, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” I have a question.

My question is, what day would be considered day one? Would you consider day one the day that a bunch of, (probably guys), were just standing around and one of them, while gazing around at all the empty land, had an amazing moment of brilliance.

“You know, since we’re not totally sure about where the Gods stand as far as us getting tipsy, we could build a shed over there to hide in when we’ve had too many libations. Then they wouldn’t be able to see us and we wouldn’t get in trouble.”

I can see that idea gaining wide spread approval amongst the group, can you imagine the excitement?

“What if we put some little stools in there, then we wouldn’t have to try to stand up while we were getting sober?”

“That’s a brilliant idea Numa! We could put a long high counter in there too, in case we needed to stand up for a while. It would give us something to lean on if we weren’t totally steady on our feet.”

Another Roman, Bob, descended from a long line of scholars, took the idea to a whole new level. “What if we just kept the libations in there to start with? Then the Gods wouldn’t see us sneaking out of our houses to get to the shed? We could just start drinking in there and stay in there until we decided to go home?

Celsius, descended from a long line of contractors, produced a shovel that he always carried in his toga. “Somebody go get a hammer…we have work to do.”

What do you all think? Would that count as day one?

Fun in the treetops.

I’m pretty convinced that these two squirrels are siblings. I watched them over a long period of time and for the most part they stuck together on their daily ramblings.

The images aren’t sharp because they were quite a distance from me and my long lense. To be honest, there’s no guarantee that they would have been sharp if I’d been standing on top of the squirrels.