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Fasten Your Seat Belts.

Eight Bluejays (39 of 1)

I am convinced that the experts are right. We had a tremendous amount of lightning last night and the wind howled and howled. Late in the afternoon the bluejays came to the feeder and ate as much food as they could. I’m sure it burns a lot of calories hanging onto a tree branch during a storm. I wonder if they get seasick?


It Just LOOKS Cute.

Done wm 6747 Softest squirrel ever (39 of 1)

This little Florida squirrel was happily searching for little yummy things hidden in the grass and leaves.

I asked the squirrel if it had found anything particularly scrumptious, thinking if so, I could join in and I might find something to nibble on. I was almost done with a long walk and I was hungry.

This squirrel looks so cute, but it was SO rude! It told me that my sense of smell was no match for his and that I didn’t have a fur coat on, so I was ineligible to work on squirrel grounds.

I am at this very moment calling my Congressperson. I feel that this is discrimination…besides which, I’m still hungry and I blame the squirrel for that.

The Big Breakfast

finished wow (39 of 1)

One morning in Florida I was sitting and watching the birds fly by. I noticed a bird, flying erratically, way off in the distance. 

It turned out to be an Osprey, bringing home breakfast. Osprey’s don’t use a,”drive-through”, at a restaurant for their carry-out. They use a, “dive-through the water” method. I’ve never seen one carrying home a large decaf coffee, although it would be hard to do when you don’t have a cup-holder to keep it from spilling.

(Don’t judge this image too harshly, the Osprey was a long way off and I only had a little camera.)

Dog Dictatorship

Mozzie owning the bed.PG

A power struggle can be an interesting thing.

Meet Mozzie, my daughter’s dog. Every night after she washes her face before bed, she walks out to find every blanket and sheet on the bed removed.

Standard poodles are too smart by half and not willing to give up the alpha role in a relationship easily.

I have to wonder if he piled everything up, intending for her to sleep in the little nest he built.

A flock of feathered friends catching forty winks.

WM naptime (39 of 1)

Remember our little bird friend from the other day, the one taking a nap?

I just wanted to give you an idea of who it’s friends are. Looking at this image, I’m wondering if the brown birds are standing guard or just too wound up on caffeine too sleep. (Just kidding, as far as I know, they don’t drink coffee.)