Winter on the river.

Late in the afternoon a few days ago, a herd of deer stopped for sips of water from the river and then crossed to the other side.
I’m amazed at how high and how far deer can jump.
If you look closely on the left, you can see the head of the deer next to the yellow arrow. That’s quite a jump! The really amazing part is that they don’t even need a running start.

Purple Finch

This is a male purple finch if I’m not mistaken. He seems nice and the look he’s giving me makes me feel that he’d be forgiving if I’m wrong.

I just love how the little feathers on his head look like like little bumps. To be totally honest, I think it makes his head look like those little licorice, chewy, bumpy candies.

I have a real problem don’t I?

Red Headed Woodpecker

This gorgeous bird is a somewhat rare sight for me and so every visit is a thrill. Apparently this type of bird used to be common, but the story has, sadly, changed. Normally they eat insects, but I think the peanut chips I put on a feeder tray every now and again, entices them in for a visit.
Getting ready to fly away with a treasured peanut.