From the header of my blog, you can see that we are lucky enough to be nestled into a forested area. Outside of that area, many, many housing editions surround us. It’s pretty unique to be here. We’ve lived in this house 35 years and we were able to buy this property when it was being foreclosed on. I’ve felt blessed to be here every single day of those 35 years.

We’re surrounded by twenty acre, ten acre, five acre, etc. “lots” with single homes on them.

About four to five years ago, the place across the street went up for sale. I think it’s twenty acres. The view of that property for us, looked like the picture above at night. Except for moonlit nights, those lit up a thousand branches and the dark, dark road.

The new owner has spent those four to five years building an extremely unusual home. They would bring in building materials by the semi-load, each load had a letter of the alphabet on it. The owner rerouted a stream so that he could put in a huge pond behind his home. Not a problem, it’s his to do with what he wants. Semi-load trucks of landscaping rocks came in. We couldn’t really see anything of what he was designing and we didn’t have a lot of curiosity about it…unlike the parade of cars that stop in the street to stare.

Some people speculated at first, that an elementary school was being built.. One person guessed an insurance agency, another a retirement home. Nope, this is a ONE person home. Last we heard it was upwards of twenty million.

Still, not a big deal…kind of cool. Until now.

Truckloads of shrubs and bushes started to be delivered…a big entry gate with a beautiful stone wall was constructed at the end of the driveway. Then the big light strips went up on the wall. THEN….every tree, every shrub was lit up. Someone told me it looked like Jurassic Park.

New spotlights appeared to the North in the last few days, and three of them shine through our woods. This is what we look at now. By the way, it’s a whole lot brighter than this image from my cellphone depicts.

Our neighbors to our North, on our side of the road, have become inspired and added lights that shine partly on our trees down by the river. I noticed the last few days, that the turkeys aren’t roosting there anymore.

I know change is inevitable, but this almost makes me physically ill. Too many other things are beating us down right now and this pretty much is the topper for me. I’m considering a move. I enjoyed living downtown while we built the new house on our property. I realize there are lots and lots of lights downtown, but you understand what you’re signing up for. I’m not going to move there and then do things that will take away the essence and the reason for being there. I just don’t think I can deal with more and more lights here. Paradise lost.

I know there are people suffering and dying from a horrible pandemic, not to mention all of the other diseases and tragedies that occur. I don’t mean to sound foolish and insensitive. I can’t begin to comprehend the pain, the loss. This doesn’t compare to those heartbreaks, I know, I truly know. This is just a hard one for me.

The Art of Water Ballet.

Would that I had the talent to do water balletSuch a wonderful version of the joy of the dance.

To and fro I would fling myself, droplets taking flight and then landing in a shower of refreshing bursts all around me.

Sadly I am a clumsy human with flailing arms and no ballet technique whatsoever. I shall remain admiring these feathery artists from afar, overcome with their grace and concealing my envy as best I can.

I’ve had chocolate and been away from the blog too long…I will try to rein in the silliness as best I can.

Who has the right of way?

Some days I have to remember to look out the other windows in the house.

On this particular afternoon, there was a traffic jam developing in the front yard.

I’m wondering if we’ll have to install traffic lights, I’m not sure how effective that would be but I’m sure it would work better than me standing out there with a flag and a whistle.