Everyone safe out there?

We’re feathered up against the flurries here today…tomorrow may be another story, it was in the 60’s just days ago.

To all of my friends on the West coast, I’m hoping that wherever you are, you’re high and dry and hanging in there.

To my friends in the South, I hope you’re all coming through the violent storms safely.

To those of you experiencing some of the earthquakes…well…pardon me…but, damn!


  1. That’s a gorgeous Blue Jay. As for all the extreme weather, it’s unfortunately going to keep happening until we take the climate crisis seriously. 😦


  2. Getting tired of looking at white stuff here, but otherwise things aren’t bad for this time of year. Hope you’re staying warm up there.


    1. Things are very mild actually so far this winter…but we did have a bout of -20, very high winds and enough snow to make them shut down the snowplows because it was too dangerous for them to be out. Nothing like so many parts of the country…especially Seattle and Boston! Yikes!


    1. A little of both for sure! I’m so glad the days of -20 etc. are over, I was really worried about them. We had birds trying to find shelter on our front porch.

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