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I’m pretty sure I have enough adventures for London Hart in my head to write another murder mystery … but this book made me question whether I had it in me to complete the second in the series.

I’m a great one for procrastination and aside from my own talent for that, Covid reared its ugly head and brought the world to its knees. I think a large portion of us fell into a depression and are still trying to pull ourselves out of it. You name it, the universe threw it at us. It’s been so outrageous that when they announced that UFO’s are probably real, we didn’t even blink.

Trying to find a space in my head that wasn’t full of doom and gloom was an uphill battle. I didn’t want it to take me twenty years to finish KISS ME AND DIE, so I closed the doors to my studio, put on headphones, and dropped in for visits with London, Ryder, CC and Brenda. They’ve turned into a refuge from the storm and I’m so grateful to have them.

At long last, this part of their story is in print. A copy of the book sits beside me in its pretty orange and yellow cover and I’m not sure I’ve even begun to process the fact that it’s truly done. I think that has a lot to do with the trauma of formatting everything correctly for KDP publishing. The experience almost put me off writing the third novel, but I found that, like it or not, I have a “never say die” attitude. Unless of course it’s in the title of the book and that I’m ok with.

As a side note, the book cover comes with the orange cover…the original design still appears in some cases as you can see on the side bar, but the book doesn’t come with that cover. Seriously…it’s trying to make me crazy.

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  1. I guess all I can say is that, generally speaking, when one has plowed their way through one hassle or another, one usually finds doing it again a bit easier due to prior experience. Maybe that will be the case?


    1. I’m sure you’re right. After trying twenty different approaches I finally figure things out. The next time it might only take ten attempts.


  2. Even if I had an idea for a book, I’m too lazy these days and my attention span is too short. Congrats on your sticktoitiveness.


    1. LOL! Thank you. I was just talking about my ability to be perfectly happy doing nothing, having a lazy day is the BEST!


    1. Yes you do….I just got off of my third chat with KDP and the book prints with the correct orange image, but still shows on some sites with the original cover. Aaaarrgghhh.

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