Looking Divine.

I don’t know exactly what this blue jay is looking at. Is it looking for a sunflower seed that has fallen to the ground? Perhaps it’s looking at a peanut taking a siesta below the bird feeder.

Someone suggested that the bluejay might be looking at a car that it’s thinking about buying. Another clever individual suggested that it’s trying to decide which pair of socks it wants to buy. Considering the fact that it’s eighty-five degrees and humid, I think that’s highly unlikely.

I think it’s simply looking…divine. Look at those perfect feathers, that magnificent color. Divine…simply divine.

7 thoughts on “Looking Divine.

  1. Jays as well as crows are interesting to watch – both highly intelligent and the brain is always thinking, going, thinking . . . Cool capture – thanks for sharing! Happy Day – Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. LOL! Ewww…a bug! Glad you liked the header, it’s one of my favorite images of two members of Melvin’s herd of horses.

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