The baffled bluebird.

A male bluebird has discovered it’s reflection in the window into the woods and has decided that it’s seeing an interloper in it’s territory. There most likely is a nest that it feels it has to protect, so he has come again and again to the window, banging into the window and pecking at it, hoping to scare off the bad guy.

Now if this went on for a day or two it wouldn’t be a problem. The fact that he does it starting at six o’clock EVERY morning and continues for several hours IS a problem…at least for me. I’ve been sleeping on our couch in the living room to make sure that I’m close to where my sister is sleeping, she had a stroke and is staying with us as she recovers. At first the bird was attacking the window of the room she’s sleeping in, but after many different applications to the window of stick on bird deterrents, I may have found one that keeps the bird away from her window. Not to be deterred, the bluebird now attacks the big window in the living room where I sleep.

I did some research and it’s entirely possible that the bird will do this throughout the ENTIRE summer. Apparently they can go on to build another nest and have more baby bluebirds, more reasons to patrol their territory in order to scare off any trespassers. I’m going to have to start going to bed earlier if I ever want to get a full night’s sleep.

The other bird in these images is a female oriole, either Baltimore or Orchard…and she’s not happy with the bluebird so close to her.

I have to go now…it’s pecking at the window and I have to go try to reason with it, I still think I can talk some sense into it and convince it to stop this nonsense.

10 thoughts on “The baffled bluebird.

    1. They are very beautiful! Thank you for your kindness regarding my sister. We are hoping for a good outcome.


  1. A pheasant pecked a hole in one of our basement windows, a few years ago. He must have thought there was another male in there. Once we got to see his wife and several cute little babies. She was also really cute but very nervous.


  2. I was going to suggest putting something on the window, but you’ve already thought of that. I’m sorry about your sister. Know that you’ll take good care of her. I hope she will recover and feel better soon.


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