Tell the world to slow down.

It’s time for me to try to leap back into blogging…so many little things keep me from taking the time to post.

I hope everyone out there has stayed safe and well, we have much to deal with in these confounding times so take the time to rest and pamper your brain.

Although the world doesn’t need another cute animal picture or silly, rambling observation, I’m going to start adding to the plethora of personal expression run rampant.

So consider this an official notification…The “window” is open for business.

10 thoughts on “Tell the world to slow down.

  1. Unfortunately WP doesn’t allow photos on blogs not one’s own, but you can put this observation in your animal trivia collection. It’s been unusually hot around here for the past couple of weeks—until last night. Into the 40’s and still in the 40’s today. So what do I see this morning? The first hummingbird of the season who apparently couldn’t wait for it to be cold enough for the final leg of the flight into town.


    1. Oh my gosh! I’ve been concerned about a little hummingbird that’s been around for a week or two here…our weather as been in the 90’s! Like you’re experiencing, the temp dropped into the 40’s here but I haven’t seen the little thing. I really hope it survived…the temp goes up a bit today so I’m hoping to see it. Yours is a TOUGH bird!!


    1. I’ll go with the squirrel, less chance of getting too dizzy. I’m doing well, but my sister could be doing better. We’re going to have her come and stay with us while she recovers from a stroke. She’s making remarkable progress, has an amazing attitude and we love to laugh, so I think we’ll be doing pretty well. I’ve threatened to put silly hats on her and do some youtube videos. I also have a bullhorn and I told her I’m not afraid to use it! I hope you’ve been well and stay that way!


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