Fit for a squirrel, or a puppy.

A few years back a fellow blogger from Istanbul, ,was so taken by the squirrels in my posts, that she knitted three hats for them. She is a lover of cats and has a curious and creative soul. I was so surprised to receive a package in the mail containing such beautifully made gifts.

The squirrels have generously agreed to let Emme wear them because she was getting really chilly when we took her outside.

I hope that my good friend from Turkey sees this and knows how much Emme appreciates her talent.

Love makes the world go ’round.

19 thoughts on “Fit for a squirrel, or a puppy.

    1. She has the biggest heart…the squirrels are really good about sharing. If we’re talking peanuts though…well peanuts aren’t on the list of things to share.

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  1. But I should add this too, I remember how you did worked for getting on your squirrels… still makes me laugh… You are amazing, you are my really angel ffriend. Love, nia


  2. Oh dear Suzanne, This is really better to be on Emme, what a nice pose… I am so glad to see on Emme. Thank you dear, you are an agnel of them you know this, Your book standing always on my desk… Blessing and Happiness, and be in safe… Love and Hugs, nia


    1. I’m so glad you like the hat on Emme! She didn’t mind wearing it at all. I’m honored that you keep the book on your desk.That means a lot to me. Stay safe Elf of the World, the world needs Elves!

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