Pandemic Puppy.

Well, we joined the legions of folks who decided to get a puppy to add a bright spot to this dark time.

This is Emme. Her name sounds the same as ‘Emmy.’ She’s eleven weeks old, a standard poodle and very gentle.

The last week has been spent reconfiguring the living space in our home, catching naps when she does and realizing how out of shape I’d gotten. The hubs has been an equal partner in all of this and in fact, was the one who raised the subject. Coincidentally he had just seen a picture of the standard poodle puppy that our daughter was getting. This is the first time he’s been home during the training phase of having a dog and he’s loving it.

I’m eating too much chocolate.

19 thoughts on “Pandemic Puppy.

  1. Our standard poodle is an absolute joy. She is capable of long, brisk walks with my husband, which the short-legged dogs struggle to do. She is empathic and very affectionate. The breed is terrific! I am sure that your cute little love-bug will be the same wonderful companion for your home. Congratulations!


    1. I’m with you…we’ve had two over the past years and they were really smart, but none so smart as my daughter’s dog. Mozzie is the most amazing dog I’ve run across and it will be interesting to see the difference in dog’s develop at her house. She has Emme’s sister and “Ruth”, definitely matches Mozzie in energy and curiosity. Ours is less manic and that’s fine with us!

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  2. I’m looking forward to watching her grow. We were not without at least one dog and one cat for almost 40 years. We really miss the dogs, but our cat Leo, as you know, is still holding his own very well.


    1. We went for three years without a dog. Losing little Max was awfully hard and it was a strange life without a dog. I’m glad Leo is holding his own! I’ve always had a cat in my life and they’re just the best.

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    1. As I type this I have a square of Hershey’s sitting next to me…it had friends just moments ago, but they seem to have all disappeared.


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