Butterfly daze.

3434 butterfly wm

I’m really going to miss the butterflies when they leave for the winter. The good news is that in the next few weeks, I’ll be planting a bunch of plants that will feed them next summer. I’m actually putting in two “butterfly bushes” and the hummingbirds will love this too. 

6498 wm6506 Thistle butterfly wm (39 of 1)Butterfly and thistle wm DSC_6467Butterfly black wmYellow, Purple and Green wm

21 thoughts on “Butterfly daze.

    1. I LOVE monarchs! I’ve not seen too many, but a big migration of them starts soon, so maybe I still will.


  1. My butterfly bush died over the winter; it never came back in spring. I guess it couldn’t handle our extreme winters. You should do fine where you are; I know the butterflies will love it!!


    1. It’s always so disappointing when we lose a plant. I hope the bushes will make it, they’re going to be exposed to the West a little more than they have been in the past.

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            1. You probably didn’t. Ours don’t always look real healthy as the years go by. Even though they’re supposed to do well in our zone, they are very “brittle”.

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