The construction guy.

2680 chipmunk wm (39 of 1)

This little one will be responsible for my poured concrete patio slipping off  it’s perch atop a hill.

Chipmunks dig tunnels all OVER and this one seems to LOVE the corner just next to the house. It digs under the concrete, apparently just for the fun of it and I can see the  ground underneath now!

I can put a big rock over the hole, (don’t worry, the little one can escape out the other end of the tunnel,) but somehow overnight, THE ROCK’S BEEN MOVED!

2682 chipmunk wm (39 of 1)

20 thoughts on “The construction guy.

  1. Next time you put the rock down, drive long nails under it, from the perimeter and pointing down and in to a common point. Then press an inverted bird cage into the soil above it. If the rock has been moved the next morning, you can call it the Jailhouse Rock and call the press in to help you to make if famous (and maybe write a new book about it).


    1. Wow, what a strong little chipmunk. They r so cute but do destructive. I had to stop feeding the birds because of them. Not because they ate the food but because they were living in the walls of my house and chewing things. Had to trap them and take them to the country far away. When they got IN my house I had had enough, but they’ve still cute.


      1. Yikes!!! I had an experience like that with a pine squirrel. It got in the house through the fireplace. I’m trying hard to find feeders that the birds can’t flip the seed out of. I keep all of the seed in containers the mice, etc. can’t chew through. Aaargh!


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