Baltimore Oriole…Just look at that color!

I’m thinking that the Orioles with the jet black heads are more mature males and that the two in the middle are enjoying their first spring. I may have that wrong, so feel free to let me know.Baltimore Oriole wm

You’ll see a few more images of these beauties in time…they’ve stayed in the neighborhood!


1st spring Baltimore Orioles wm

If you’re wondering what they’re eating, it’s orange slices! They love them.

Male Baltimore Oriole wm

19 thoughts on “Baltimore Oriole…Just look at that color!

  1. I think the two in the middle photo are females. We’ve had quite a few orioles hanging around this year, which is unusual. Their normal pattern is to migrate north, using our area merely as a temporary stop in the road. For some reason known only to them, they haven’t left yet and they’ve drained about 5 or 6 bottles from our 4-cup feeder. The hummingbirds steal from the oriole feeder too, but not enough to make a big difference. They’ve had fresh sugar water in their own feeder the whole time but are pointedly neglecting it. Maybe because the oriole feeder has convenient perches?


    1. I’ll be interested to see if ours hang around throughout the summer. I ordered a nectar feeder for them yesterday because they were checking out the hummingbird feeder every so often. I didn’t know anything about them, ESPECIALLY that they drink nectar! I’ve been giving them grape jelly…I did know that much.
      What ratio of water to sugar do you use? I’ve seen three different measurements so far.

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  2. That first picture is beautiful. Real unusual. Wish I had them
    Coming here but I’ve never seen one. (NW side of town by Smith Field)


    1. Hi! I’ve just noticed them in the last few years. It took a long time for them to get near a feeder. One came years ago when I planted a “trumpet vine” plant. It loved it, but the deer did too and ate it up. I think putting out a hummingbird feeder recently got their attention. They go for the red and yellow colors. They liked the oranges but they LOVE grape jelly!


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