It won’t be long.

Squirrel hanging around wm

I have a new visitor, it’s a “he”, and he visits everyday. I think he’s rather young because he doesn’t seem to have a lot of squirrel experience. He’s not very good at knowing what to do once he’s climbed up and reached the bird feeder…should he hang upside down? Should he shake it around and see if any falls out? Is there a spot for inserting a quarter and waiting for the seed to be dispensed?

I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t take him very long to figure out how to use his acrobatic skills to drop down to the feeders and stuff his little tummy.

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  1. Sorry, for the duplications (triplications, actually). The same thing happened on another blog. I don’t know why it’s doing it, but please delete this comment and at least two of the other three.


  2. Loved him so much and I am so happy to hear that he visits you everyday, you know I love your squirrel stories… Thank you, Love, nia


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