A Bowl Full Of Bluebirds!

Snowy day bluebirds 2 wms DSC_5607

Sorry for the poor quality of this image, but I just like it so much that I’m using it anyway.

Want a great way to start you day!?! Start it off with a bowl full of bluebirds, packed with vitamins. Each serving provides you with the following…

400mg. of happy,

300mg. of cute,

and 900mg. of hopeful.

Directions for use…just LOOK at them, don’t EAT them.



18 thoughts on “A Bowl Full Of Bluebirds!

    1. They are so pretty! I’m now having a problem with starlings starting to group up, and in my attempts to thwart them, the bluebirds are not coming.

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      1. Oh, that is so frustrating. There are always the pest birds that we don’t want, but sometimes changing things up helps. If you stop feeding for a couple of days the starlings will probably find another place to go and with any luck, the bluebirds will come back when you resume the feeding. I do that when a hawk moves in and sits on the fence waiting for lunch to arrive at the feeder. I’ve had the starling problem too. I think they are everywhere!


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