UNBELIEVABLE!! Another Royal!

use this The mouse King_

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I wasn’t even  making an effort and I found another Royal. THIS time I was able to get a name, may I introduce King Teddy! He seems mild of manner and intelligent, but that remains to be seen. You should never decide who someone is on meeting them for the first time.

I asked King Teddy if he knew the name of the Squirrel King and he told me the squirrel in question is King Lear, King of the Squirrels. How UNBELIEVABLE!


8 thoughts on “UNBELIEVABLE!! Another Royal!

      1. This isolation is not for everyone. I’m okay with it, but I’m a bit strange that way. I like my quiet time. But most people like to be more social than that – which is okay for them. We’re all different.


        1. I’m the same, really like my quiet time. I always think I should be more social, but when it comes right down to it I’m really happy when I get home.

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