I promised you a story.

Have you ever heard of airplane ear? My husband has a case of it right now. He flew about three days ago and he can only hear the slightest bit out of his left ear.

If his right ear isn’t turned toward me, forget it…he’ll hear nothing. His situation will improve, but for now I’ve had to learn some coping methods. One method that has worked quite well is bellowing. 

I thought hubby was in the basement, and I wanted to find out if he wanted  breakfast. I was revving up my lungs to bellow down the basement stairs…all ready to shout out, “DO YOU WANT SOME EGGS???”, when I realized he was standing ten feet away from me in the kitchen. I don’t know if it’s possible to trip and choke over your tongue at the same time, but I think I did that. I could have scared him to death…death by bellowing…a horrible way to go.

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